My Efforts

This is a collection of some of the adventures I have had involving my ever growing collection of devices. It really interests me when ‘obsolete’ and practically ancient computers attempt to complete modern recreational or productivity tasks. Just like the operation of a vintage jukebox, watching big old parts perform even a simple action is delightfully engaging.



“There was a time when people felt the internet was another world, but now people realise it's a tool that we use in this world.”
- Tim Berners-Lee

I thought I would share some of the infrastructure I have set up to have my macs communicate with each other. Almost all of the Mac's you can see in my signature are able to access each other files. The 512Ke and Classic II are connected via LocalTalk, the Power Macintosh 8600 is connected via Ethernet, and the iMac G4 is connected via WiFI, yet they are all able to share files with one another.

- Apple LocalTalk Adapter (x3) + Cables
- D-Link Ethernet Switch
- Assanté LocalTalk-Ethernet Adapter
- Apple Airport Snow
- Various Ethernet Cables

Here's a video where I very briefly demonstrate some of this equipment in action:

Verdict: Success

Musical Macintosh


“It's quite similar to guitar solos, only with programming you have to use your brain. The most important thing is that it should have some emotional effect on me, rather than just, 'Oh, that's really clever.'”
- Richard D. James

I am in the process of getting my 512Ke to communicate with some of my MIDI equipment. So far this has been hindered due to software that is difficult to find. Namely, an early version of “MOTU Performer”, or alternatively, the fonts “Sonata 14/20” for “Concertware” that will not functionally notate without them. I have found lots of software such as MusicWorks, SoundEdit, and the first version of MOTU Performer that all work great, but lack MIDI support.

Verdict: Work in Progress

Brave Old World


“The trick with computers I think, is to approach old and new things with the same reverence as you would like your favourite chair and not be seduced by the constant innovation otherwise you never do anything.”
- Colin Greenwood

I have managed to build a small LocalTalk AppleTalk network between my PM 8600, Classic II and 512Ke using original LocalTalk cables. The internet capable PM 8600 easily shares files and programs to the other two. All are capable of being servers as well as clients, even the 512Ke through use of a program called “EasyShare”. This particular method is detailed well on Niles Mitchell’s site. Like him, I employ a program called “Rumpus” to forward the 512Ke’s server over FTP and out to the world. Pretty cool stuff. I can take a picture on my iPhone, send it to my 512Ke (from 1986!) via FTP and open it right on the desktop. All very seamlessly. That is the kind of thing that can keep me up until 3:00 AM to get running. So exciting, isn’t it?!!

Verdict: Success