All Things Apple

I own quite a few computers at this point, the most powerful of which is a gaming rig I built running Windows 7. However, my most often used platform is the Mac OS. I like Mac’s because they perform quickly, reliably and look about as sexy as a computer ever could while doing their job. My first Mac was my 2011 MacBook Pro. I purchased it for recording music, as recommend by school music teacher.

In the wake of Steve's death, I read Mr. Job’s biography and I managed to purchase a 1986 Macintosh 512Ke. This was a slippery slope and before long I had amassed quite a few Apple devices I absolutely don’t need. I soon realized I needed an ugly 90’s Mac in order to write disks for the 512Ke so I found an old 1997 Power Macintosh 8600 going for cheap on eBay as “not working”. To my total luck, the seller was completely wrong. (The 'sidecar' design of the 8600 has since strangely grown on me).

Next, I acquired a 1991 Classic II for the cost of shipping due to it’s leaked capacitors. I gave the motherboard a scrub of toothpaste and it works perfectly! (for now that is, I must replace those caps sometime...) Most recently, I purchased a 1979 Apple II Plus with the lovely accompanying Apple Monitor III. A great machine, but a totally different beast entirely to a Mac, or any other computer I’d ever used for that matter. And so, the saga will no doubt continue until I literally can’t find the space to house these things.


Apple Computer Year Processor RAM OS Peripherals
Apple II Plus 1979 1 MHz MOS 6502 64KB DOS 3.3 Monitor III, DISK II, IIe Joystick, SD Reader, Z-80 Card, 16KB Language Card, Super Serial Card, Grafstar Printer Card
Macintosh 512Ke 1986 8 MHz 68000 512KB System 5.1 HD20, Ext. Floppy, LocalTalk
Macintosh Classic II 1991 16 MHz 68030 4MB System 7.1 MacRecorder, MIDI, LocalTalk
PowerBook 140 1991 16 MHz 68030 8MB System 7.1 LocalTalk, QuickTake 150
Power Macintosh 8600 1997 250 MHz 604e 136MB Mac OS 9.2.2 15” MultipleScan, Color StyleWriter 2500, LocalTalk
iMac G3 (Lime) 1999 333 MHz G3 192MB Mac OS 9.2.2 Bluetooth
iBook G3 2002 700 MHz G3 640MB OSX 10.4.11 Airport Card
iMac G4 17” 2002 800 MHz G4 1GB OSX 10.4.11 Pro Speakers, Airport Card, Bluetooth
Power Mac G4 ‘QuickSilver‘ 2002 1.0 GHz DP G4 1.5GB OSX 10.4.11 17" Studio Display, Airport Card, Bluetooth
Power Mac G5 'Quad' 2005 2.5 GHz DC G5 12GB OSX 10.5.8 20" Apple Cinema Display, 7800 GT x2, Bluetooth
MacBook Pro 13” 2011 2.3 GHz DC i5 8GB OSX 10.10.3 23” Apple Cinema Display, 6TB ThB Drive, M-Audio C400

Other Systems

Computer Year Processor RAM OS Peripherals
Commodore 16 1984 1 MHz MOS 8501 16KB (BASIC) N/A
Commodore 64C 1986 1 MHz MOS 6510 64KB (BASIC) 1701, Floppy, Cassette